Corporate Code of Conduct

Human rights

We are committed to upholding international human rights within our sphere of influence and reject any form of forced labour within both our own company and at our business partners.

Child labour

We reject any form of child labour within our company and at our business partners.

Values and discrimination

Our workplace will be free from discrimination or harassment based on gender, race, colour, religion, age, nationality, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that all the employees in our company deserve respect. We reject terrorism and radicalism in any form.

Remuneration and working hours

We recognise our employees’ entitlement to appropriate remuneration and always support the legally guaranteed minimum wage in any market in which we employ labour. Our company complies with the applicable working time regulations.

Relationship with employees and employee representatives

We respect the right of our employees to associate freely. However, we also encourage our employees to make their concerns known to us directly.

Health and safety

We want to create a safe and healthy working environment for our staff – one in which the relevant occupational safety and health standards are met or exceeded. We put appropriate measures in place to prevent work-related injuries and occupational illness.

Staff development

We regard staff development as a key investment in the future of our company. We invest in both the professional and the social and methodological skills of our staff.


Whenever possible, we encourage our suppliers to introduce and implement similar principles of social responsibility in their companies.

Conflicts of interest, gifts and bribery

We undertake not to accept gifts or donations and not to hold any shareholdings in other companies that could lead to a conflict of interest. More specifically, we will not offer, pay or accept any bribes or other illegal payments.


We expect individual employees to take personal responsibility for complying with our corporate code and to support their colleagues in complying with it. Management is responsible for implementing these principles, which form part of our internal policies and guidelines.