Tradition, Innovation, and Responsiveness at Ravikiran

Ravikiran Engineering embodies a rich blend of responsibility, tradition, and innovation. Established in 1980 as an owner-managed family business, we have flourished through three generations. Today, we pride ourselves on a team of over 100 dedicated and skilled employees who ensure flexible and reliable production of customer-specific parts across our two manufacturing locations.

In today’s fast-paced business world, we understand the critical importance of promptness. This understanding is at the heart of our operations, especially in our stainless steel CNC machining processes. We take great pride in our ability to meet even the most demanding deadlines, ready to respond rapidly to our clients’ needs.

Ravikiran Engineering Team
Ravikiran Engineering's Core Strengths

Consistently Enhancing Cost-Efficiency and Functionality

At Ravikiran Engineering, we are continually innovating to boost our client’s competitive edge. This might mean re-engineering the design and structure of parts, streamlining component production, or scrutinizing materials for optimal cost and time efficiency. In essence, elevating our clients; ROI is our driving force.

With the assistance of state-of-the-art technology and software, we meticulously assess and refine production processes to deliver unparalleled cost-efficiency. Further, our seasoned engineers and designers collaborate with you, revamping the design of your parts to amplify efficiency, curtail costs, and bolster performance.

Our Team:

The Heart of Ravikiran Engineering

At Ravikiran Engineering, our team is the cornerstone of our success, embodying a rich mix of responsibility, tradition, and innovation. Since our inception in 1980 as a family-owned business, we have grown across three generations. Today, our global workforce of over 100 dedicated and skilled individuals is our pride, ensuring flexible and efficient production of custom parts at our two manufacturing sites.

As a family business, we deeply value our social responsibility to both the community and the environment. Our longstanding involvement in local projects, institutions, and universities reflects our commitment to societal progress. Central to our ethos is the comprehensive training of young talent, a tradition we’ve upheld for over 40 years. This focus on nurturing young minds goes hand in hand with our dedication to maintaining a harmonious balance between work, family, and personal life, as evident in our family- and life-stage-oriented human resources policy.

Ravikiran Engineering's Work force