Advanced Machining Capabilities
Continual Investment in Cutting-Edge Equipment

At Ravikiran Engineering, our dedication to superior quality is demonstrated through our ongoing investments in the latest machinery. Our facility is equipped with advanced Japanese CNC lathe machines and Vertical Machining Centres, distinguishing us in the realm of precision component manufacturing. We have the capability to precisely craft components ranging from 5.0 mm to 200 mm in diameter on our CNC Lathes, and to handle components weighing up to 1000 kg with dimensions of 510 x 405 x 410 mm on our Vertical Machining Centres.

In terms of tolerances, our CNC lathe machines excel in maintaining both external and internal diameters with exceptional precision, up to an accuracy of 20 microns. This capability further solidifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled precision in every component we manufacture.

Our Machinery Portfolio

At Ravikiran Engineering, our extensive range of machinery is integral to our ability to deliver high-quality products. Our arsenal includes 30 Tsugami make CNC Lathes, ensuring unparalleled precision in turning operations. Complementing these are our state-of-the-art Vertical Machining Centres, which offer advanced capabilities in handling complex milling tasks. For cutting operations, we have a Circular Sawing Machine and Automatic Band Saw machines, guaranteeing precise and efficient cuts. Our Thread Rolling Machines (Model 512) contribute to our proficiency in producing strong, accurate threads. The Ghiringhelli make Centreless Grinder, equipped with an auto-feed system, stands out for its precision in grinding tasks. Additionally, we have a Herbert Multi-spindle drilling machine for efficient, multi-point drilling operations.

Our facility is also equipped with various allied machines, including automats, conventional lathes, and drill/tap machines, further enhancing our diverse manufacturing capabilities. This comprehensive machinery portfolio underscores our commitment to versatility and excellence in manufacturing.

Versatile Raw Material Capabilities for Specialized Stainless Steel Components

At Ravikiran Engineering, our raw material processing is marked by versatility and adherence to high-quality standards. We are equipped to machine a variety of shapes, including round, hexagon, and square bars, as well as pipes, forgings and castings allowing us to meet diverse design and industry requirements.

Raw Material Procurement at RaviKiran Engineering

Our expertise in stainless steel encompasses a range of grades such as 303 (1.4305), 304 (1.4301), 304L (1.4307), 316 (1.4401), 316L (1.4404), 310S (1.4845), and 316ti (1.4571). Notably, our stainless steel materials are suitable for PED 2014/68/EU, ensuring compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive. This adherence to regulatory standards is further strengthened by our commitment to quality testing, as we utilize Eddy Current and Ultrasonic testing methods to ensure the integrity and reliability of our stainless steel products.

In addition to stainless steel, our capabilities extend to processing materials like Brass, Aluminium, Copper, and Carbon steel. This broad spectrum of materials empowers us to fulfil various client needs, whether they require specific attributes like durability, corrosion resistance, or particular mechanical properties.